Daima Kaliteli ve Hesaplı

Turkish (Turkiye)English (United Kingdom)
Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

We have been involved in wood products manufacturing and trade since 1965 with the motto, "Providing Good Quality with Reasonable Price". To achieve that aim in real life, we have only focused on the products we can get competitive advantage. By the goods we produce and sell, we believe we offer the best choices to our customers with their quality and price considered.

We succeed in the required optimal path by following this schedule: The raw materials entering our sawmill go through a sorting and grading process; aiming to obtain not a single, but various semi-finished products. Using up to date machinery and thanks to our qualified staff, we receive a better yield and obtain the finished goods. The efficiency we gain by this method puts us to a different position among the competitors. Thus, we succeeded in having an esteemed and important position both in domestic and export markets. Especially in Poplar Solid Wood Panels, we have been the leading producer and exporter company in Turkey.

We also try to provide new products in the future which suit to our primary principle.

Wishing to offer our customers always better choices.